Food service specialists provide quality meals for Fort Bliss personnel

Florida foodservice, retail demand steady

By Doug Ohlemeier of The Packer: MIAMI — Foodservice and retail sales of fresh produce in The Sunshine State remain brisk. Demand from restaurants and institutional foodservice customers including schools and military as well as supermarkets and other customers keeps produce moving in Florida, wholesalers report. In Orlando, the area’s many restaurants, hotels and theme parks make[…]

A Cut Above Fresh Cut Fruit

A Cut Above: Run By Chefs For Chefs

Here at The Produce Connection, Inc. our goal is simple, supply the customer with the best produce there is.  That’s why we worked with ACF certified chefs and combined our 35 years of produce knowledge and expertise to bring to you, A Cut Above.  A Cut Above is our brand new $250,000 in-house state of the art cleaning, cutting,[…]

Sharp as a chef

Sharp as the Chef

I love kitchen knives, and enjoy going into lengthy detail when discussing the joys and woes of knives. Most of us take great care of our knives, who wouldn’t they are as much an investment as our homes are when it comes down to it. The chef’s knife, a blade of at least 10 inches[…]

Florida Strawberries finished for this year

So out you go you Florida strawberries it was a great season. Here come those Californian berries from Oxnard area, the main growing area. A few growers have started in a light way out of the Watsonville and Salinas areas. Best quality though is from Oxnard region still at this time. Blueberries are still strong[…]

Casual Dining Sales Down

Restaurants are reeling from their worst three months since 2010, as American diners spooked by higher payroll taxes cut back on eating out.  Sales at casual-dining establishments fell 5.4 percent last month, after declining 0.6 percent in January and 1.6 percent in December, according to the Knapp-Track Index of monthly restaurant sales. This was the[…]

Tips for Safe Handling and Storage of Salad Greens

When shopping, pack fresh salad greens in plastic bags so they are kept separate from other groceries, especially raw meats and poultry. Refrigerate salad greens at 35 to 40 degrees F within two hours of purchasing. Store in a plastic bag or lettuce keeper. Always wash hands before preparing salads and make sure you are[…]

Culinary Move

As The Produce Connection will tell you, chefs are always on the move.  Whether that be to climb that ladder of success or just to gain further snippets of information from those top chefs all around our great state of Florida. This continuous moving of our chefs also opens the doors for The produce Connection[…]