Grilled Plums

Grilling Fruits for the Summer

Last week at The Produce Connection we had a wild idea, as we so often do, to have a little cook out at the office. We decided we were going to grill some Georgia peaches and some plums for a mid day snack break!   (function ( $ ) { "use strict"; $(function () {[...]

Tips for Safe Handling and Storage of Salad Greens

When shopping, pack fresh salad greens in plastic bags so they are kept separate from other groceries, especially raw meats and poultry. Refrigerate salad greens at 35 to 40 degrees F within two hours of purchasing. Store in a plastic bag or lettuce keeper. Always wash hands before preparing salads and make sure you are[…]

Culinary Move

As The Produce Connection will tell you, chefs are always on the move. ¬†Whether that be to climb that ladder of success or just to gain further snippets of information from those top chefs all around our great state of Florida. This continuous moving of our chefs also opens the doors for The produce Connection[…]