Canning and Preserving the Harvest

 canning and preserving

Now that strawberries are in full season and sun ripened its time perhaps to make the jam, can them or dry them. Save money, eat healthier, with no additives or chemicals… and with much better taste! I have included a link here to provide you with great ideas and functionality of how to preserve those berries or any of those seasonal fruits and vegetables.– it is so easy ANYONE can do it, along with a multitude of other recipes, guides and canning instructions. For safety, these recipes closely follow the USDA recipes, Ball Blue Book and/or those provided by major university extension services. Whenever possible, instructions also are provided to allow you to choose the options that are important to you; such as types of cooking equipment or choices in sweeteners: honey, Stevia, my preference (or if you prefer, Splenda), Stevia, fruit juice or sugar. Enjoy the cooking experience.