How To Handle Grapes

Unlike apples or oranges or most fruit the grape has its own special demands for preparation. Besides being free from pesticides it also needs to be free from soil, dust and other debris that may have been picked up on its way to you.

People handle our food a lot before we eat it. Grapes are no exception. There is a special way of cleaning all fruit if you want to make sure that the wax on the fruit, oil from people’s hands, dirt, grime and bacteria are not still clinging to the fruit before you put it in your mouth.

  1. Pick your grapes from the cluster
  2. Place a few drops of dish detergent into the bowl and fill the bowl with water or at least to cover the grapes. There is a veggie wash out there from that is also highly recommended.
  3. Place your hand flat across the pile of grapes, and holding the bowl over the sink with the other hand, rotate your hand in a circle to make the grapes “roll” against each other. Do this for about 30 seconds
  4. Keep your hand against the grapes and dump out the water into the sink
  5. Refill the bowl. Place your hand back over it and roll again. Empty out the water.
  6. Refill the bowl as many times as needed and agitate or shake to get the grapes thoroughly rinsed, about four times, and drain each time.
  7. Pick up a grape and look at it. Feel the skin. You will notice that all the film that is on grapes even after a “normal” rinse is gone. They are clean, and you will now feel better knowing that what you are eating is just a clean grape.
  8. Enjoy.