Grilling Fruits for the Summer

Last week at The Produce Connection we had a wild idea, as we so often do, to have a little cook out at the office. We decided we were going to grill some Georgia peaches and some plums for a mid day snack break!


Georgia Peaches
Organic Plum Bites
Georgia Peaches Halved
Halved Organic Plums
Grilled Peaches and Plums
Grilled Plums
Grilled Fruit Skewers


We had so much fun doing this…some would say too much fun as we discussed some additional ingredients we could add to this already fantastic treat!!¬†These were some of our ideas!

Grilled peaches and plums kabob:

wrapped in bacon

with marshmallows wrapped in bacon

with chocolate drizzle, white or dark, and sea salt

with chocolate wrapped in bacon (yea we like bacon…who doesn’t?!)

or just the grilled peaches with different herbs (get it? peaches and herb!)

peaches and mint

peaches and basil

One could even add these smokey, grilled fruits into a cold glass of crisp, bubbly champagne!

These are just a few ideas we had for grilled fruit kabobs, you can use these same recipes with almost any fruit!

Here are some fun articles and recipes we found on the web for YOU to try out. Maybe one of these will end up on your next summer menu!

Grilled Summer Fruits!

BBQ and Grilled Fruit Recipes

and if you’re worried about how delicate fruits can get on the grill here’s a how-to on grilling fruit!

How To Grill Fruit

Be safe and happy grilling!