Did You Know June is Dairy Month?

Yes, we are all excited about the start of summer this week and of course we’re also excited for all the delicious fruits and veggies that are in peak season, but did you know that June is also dairy month?

Now-a-days it seems like there is a National month or day for anything you can think of, but the tradition of dairy month has been held for almost 80 years!

Dairy month was created in 1937 as “National Milk Month” as a means to promote the consumption of milk as well as to stabilize the demand for milk at the time. Over the years National Milk Month started to develop into what it has become today, a month-long celebration of all things dairy. The name was later changed to Dairy Month after the National Dairy Council took over the cause.

Now, people all over the nation celebrate dairy month in ways you couldn’t imagine. Just check out what Dairy Month looks like in Wisconsin!!

As distributors of dairy products ourselves we couldn’t resist, so we decided to celebrate National Dairy Month our own way, by offering great prices on some of our dairy and egg products!!


Deals During Dairy Month

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And check out some fun dairy activities to get involved with this summer!

Wisconsin June Dairy Month EventsĀ 

Dairy Printables

10 Ways to Celebrate June Dairy Month