A Cut Above: Run By Chefs For Chefs

Microbial bath rinse

Microbial bath rinse

Here at The Produce Connection, Inc. our goal is simple, supply the customer with the best produce there is.  That’s why we worked with ACF certified chefs and combined our 35 years of produce knowledge and expertise to bring to you, A Cut Above.  A Cut Above is our brand new $250,000 in-house state of the art cleaning, cutting, and packaging room.  Separated from the 42,000 square foot warehouse, we have designed a superior work environment in which safety and cleanliness are of top priority.  The high-tech surfaces along our washable walls, floors, and ceiling coupled with the edge-less room construction allows for an incredibly sterile environment.  Armed with all new stainless steel sinks, refrigeration units, and cutting tools we are ready to fulfill all of your culinary needs.

We closely work with your chefs in order to bring you the exact cuts you’ll need. Some classic cuts our customers seem to really enjoy are; our coleslaw mix, red bliss 1/4 cuts, cut kale and lettuces, chunky cut potatoes, diced and macedoine cuts, and julienne cuts.  We take pride in assuring that our choice produce reaches your kitchen in five-star quality.  That’s why we hand rinse all of our produce in microbial baths and use laser perforated bags,which regulates ethylene gas, with industrial vacuum sealing.  Here at The Produce Connection, “We are big enough to get you the right prices, but small enough to care about your needs.”

No task is too great for our ACF certified chefs!


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