Sharp as the Chef

I love kitchen knives, and enjoy going into lengthy detail when discussing the joys and woes of knives. Most of us take great care of our knives, who wouldn’t they are as much an investment as our homes are when it comes down to it.

The chef’s knife, a blade of at least 10 inches long made from German steel and usually of  wood for the handle is THE staple for the chef. Honed to incredible sharpness it is a treasured item for every chef bag out there.

When I was a culinary arts educator the students took painfully long hours to sharpen this instrument to surgeon sharpness before making those julienne or the perfect dice for that Minestrone soup. It could be regarded at best an extension of the hand for chefs.

Using this introduction I would like to make the next couple of posts a pivotal point of discussion. Do you like the Oriental cleaver, a serrated knife, a ceramic, or perhaps these products of major importance you really just don’t put too much priority on.?

Let me know.

As this Blog develops we will bring into the stream more blades for discussion.