Florida Strawberries finished for this year

So out you go you Florida strawberries it was a great season. Here come those Californian berries from Oxnard area, the main growing area. A few growers have started in a light way out of the Watsonville and Salinas areas. Best quality though is from Oxnard region still at this time. Blueberries are still strong in Florida and Mexico while Chile is coming to a close.

Tomatoes ~ Good weather conditions in Mexico have bought increased production with prices beginning to see a decline. Prices will soon begin to reach a minimum established floor levels for all tomato sizes due to the newly formed tomato Suspension Agreement between the USA and mexico. Also cooler weather this month caused crops to yield smaller fruit but quality remains very good.

Potatoes ~ Idaho potatoes are mostly steady on both Norkotahs and Burbanks. Idaho continues to peak on 70 counts and larger in both varieties. The Washington market is steady and continue to peak on the larger kind. Colorado is steady on 70 count and larger. Russet quality has been good to excellent in all areas.

Lettuce ~ head lettuce market is coming off compared to the previous week. There continues to be complaints of mechanical damage, pink ribbing and epidermal peel. Shippers are beginning to move production to Huron and Salina. Romaine and Romaine hearts are more readily available with a softer market.

Onions ~ Yellow onions are steady in all areas along with that demand. Idaho, Oregon Wshington packers are still bullish. Reds are steady in all areas.

Grapes ~ late season flame and new crop crimson seedless from Chile are still available. Flames prices are at a substantial discount reflecting a significant difference in quality. New crop grapes from Mexico and Cochelle valley of California will be ready for harvest in May 2013.

Citrus ~ The desert crop volume is finished for the season. The Ventura and the Central region are now in full production. Volume is good on 140’s and 115’s. navel crop volume is good along with great quality and flavor. Fruit is peaking heavy to the fancy grade and on 88’s, 113’s and 56’s.